I’m no Pollyanna. I’ve been in PR long enough to know fact from fiction. And here’s a solid truth. People still do nice things for each other. Not because they have to but because they choose to. Like the client this morning who asked if she could refer me to
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At ML & CO, our business writing classes have always been through word-of-mouth referrals. Teaching people how to think clearly … and to articulate their ideas in a way that’s concise and interesting … has kept us busy. Over the years, we’ve helped dozens of professional people gain more confidence
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I suspended my Twitter account several months ago and haven’t looked back since. What happened? You probably think it goes against the grain for a communications professional to shun a tried-and-tested communications tool to connect with clients. And perhaps you’re right. But here’s what I’ve noticed about Twitter.   1.
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Martha Moments

Every day at ML & CO is a new adventure. One day, it’s a photo shoot, finding the perfect picture to tell our client’s story. The next, we’re in a boardroom, presenting recommendations for a new communications strategy. We spend lots of time collaborating with our creative partners … and even more on generating new ideas for content and delivering a fresh perspective.

Curious to see what goes on behind-the-scenes at ML & CO? Click below and see for yourself.


Hot time, summer in the city

Shooting outdoors in July, in one of Toronto’s top tourist destinations, what were we thinking?
For Steve and I – Steve’s my cameraman – there were the usual concerns about continuity to worry about. But the tourists that day in Toronto’s Distillery district were something else. We never imagined so many of them would want to appear in our video as extras.

Getting the real story behind the story

It’s amazing what you learn on a photo shoot. I always try to connect with my subject for a few minutes before we start. It helps to put them at ease. And it gives me the opportunity to understand the bigger picture. At this shoot for a PowerStream case study on energy conservation, I was privileged to learn what this Canadian company – Allwood Products — is doing to save electricity while also meeting the challenges of global competition.

Teaching is the ultimate test for me as a communicator. It’s like doing a live interview on national television or a webcast to a broad audience. There’s not much room for error. It’s a test of my ability to deliver key messages, to build relationships, and most of all to manage a process of change. It’s not for everyone. But for me, it’s a rush. And the experience is priceless.