Each of your company’s employees has a role to play in managing your corporate reputation – especially when it comes to communicating with key stakeholders.

Whatever your employees write reflects on your corporate image. This includes:

  • Regulatory filings
  • Tenders and bids
  • Pitches for new business
  • Reports to the Board of Directors
  • Selling tools for product launches
  • Scientific and technical papers
  • Stakeholder briefings
  • Media materials

ML & CO. offers customized writing workshops designed to ensure that every word your employees write counts – no matter what medium they choose. We also blog about communications issues, including best writing practices, and provide our take on how to make engaging with stakeholders more effective.

We design classes to meet your employees’ specific business writing needs. Training focuses on:

  • How to identify key messages
  • How to structure selling points
  • How to present ideas clearly and with conviction

Communications training is conducted at your premises or online. For more information about how your employees can improve their business writing skills, please contact us at

Watch our new video to see what writing like a PR pro is all about:

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