Portfolio - Video-Work


Alectra Utilities

Alectra Utilities is an electricity distribution and integrated energy solutions company (est. February 2017), headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario. It provides energy solutions and services to nearly one million customers in Ontario’s Greater Golden Horseshoe area.


ML & CO was hired to produce a series of three videos about Alectra Utilities customers who are using new energy efficient technologies to manage their energy costs. We scripted, filmed, and edited each video, and produced the final cuts in HD format.

elinor video screen shot

College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario

is the self-regulatory body that ensures registered occupational therapists are competent, ethical, accountable and working in support of the public interest.


A two-minute video to introduce the new Registrar to over 5,000 registered occupational therapists working in all regions of Ontario. The video is part of a multi-year engagement strategy that ML & CO. also developed for the College. For this assignment, we developed the storyboard, based on an extensive interview, and managed the creative crew through production to delivery.


PowerStream 4 colour logo


is a community-owned energy company providing electricity and related services to more than 365,000 customers residing or owning a business in communities located immediately north of Toronto and in central Ontario.


ML & CO was hired to write, direct and produce a 2-minute video about an innovative technology called ventilation on demand, which can be used in settings such as commercial kitchens and restaurants to reduce electricity consumption. The video explains how the technology works and features three businesses speaking  of the benefits for their bottom-line.


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Ryerson University

is Canada’s leader in innovative, career-oriented education, with a mission to serve societal need and a long-standing commitment to community engagement.


A series of 6 two-minute videos, each focusing on a different research area in the Faculty of Science. The videos were developed as companion pieces for a 12-page marketing brochure that ML & CO. was also hired to develop. For the video project, we interviewed each faculty member, developed a storyboard, and managed the video team on creative and production. This was the first video series for the Faculty of Science, and our assignment was also to establish a look, tone and feel that aligned with Ryerson’s overarching brand.