Oh la la! We’re turning 17!

I remember seventeen as being a magic age. As memory serves, it was a time of discovery and pushing the limits. A time for making mistakes and learning things the hard way.

Well, we survived all that, and on October 1st, we’ll be celebrating 17 years in the communications consulting business. In many ways, it’s been a very similar experience to life at 17.

Thankfully, it was, and still is, a time of discovery and reaching beyond, because that’s exactly the opportunity that social media is offering us everyday as practitioners. At ML & CO, we’re still challenging the old ways and moving far beyond what we did yesterday thanks to all sorts of new toys, tools and platforms. And while the constant churn of ‘new-ness’ and ‘busy-ness’ can be frustrating at times, it’s been an amazing creative and intellectual adventure.

Fortunately, it’s also still a time of learning. My clients’ communications challenges are never the same. With every new assignment, they challenge me to come up with new ideas, new perspectives and new solutions to help them in their business. And I am most grateful for these opportunities.

The one thing I did more of when I was 17 was sit around and daydream. As we move into year #18, I plan to spend more time doing that. Taking time out from reactive mode — and shifting into daydreaming mode — is what we all need to do to stay productive, engaged and learning. And that’s especially true in the communications world.

So here’s to the hour on Friday afternoons when I disconnect from all my productivity tools…and reconnect to a place where all the best ideas come from. And from that place, with any luck, we will launch ML & CO into the next chapter of our story.

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