Good stories pack an emotional punch

Yesterday, I was in a meeting with one of my clients and we were talking about what makes a good story. We both agreed on the need for a compelling beginning, middle and end. And more importantly, that the very best stories have an emotional draw — something that pulls you in, makes you care, leads to some telling insight, and changes you in some small, or big, way.

As luck would have it, today I was following one of my favourite websites called StoryCorps. It’s a project that was developed by PBS, and the purpose is to encourage real people from across America to tell their stories, and to archive those stories so that they can be shared with their loved ones.

As I listened to one story in particular, I was reminded that a lot of corporate storytelling is not necessarily about real people, and their very real, and human challenges. They’re about the brand, which can be something quite different from a ‘real’ story.

As a PR person, I’m convinced that there’s room for more of the ‘real people telling real stories’ approach to corporate storytelling. With so much visual clutter around us these days, it’s an incredibly strategic way to cut through and make an impression.

In my opinion, the story that follows is the real deal.

Take a minute and you’ll see what I mean.


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