Communications strategy 101

One of the best communications strategies I know, whether it’s in the business world or private life, is knowing when, and how, to say thank you.

I learned a long time ago that thanking a client’s receptionist or EA can be a life-saver.

Saying thanks to clients for work they send our way is also life-saving, but clearly for different reasons.

Remembering to thank partners and suppliers, people we interview, people who help track invoices, technology specialists who get us to deadline on time and with our equipment all still in one piece …. these are just a few of the people who I rely on everyday as an agency owner and business person and to whom I am forever grateful for their help.

This week, ML & CO celebrates 18 years in business. We’ve weathered at least three recessions, maybe more. But more importantly, we’ve done it thanks to those mentioned above, and also thanks to three incredible angel investors, without whose support and encouragement we would not be where we are today.

Very special thanks to three very special women — my mother and my aunt who generously provided seed money in 1997 for a business they didn’t really understand but who clearly understood the potential. And to my sister-in-law, who all these years later continues to provide financial coaching, business advice and a level head.

With gutsy people like this behind us, we’re totally psyched about the next 18 years!

Thanks again for entrusting us with your business.